Spring Invasive Species Challenge


Thank you for participating in The Stewardship Network's Spring Invasive Species Challenge!

Have a great rest of the summer, and we'll see you next year!

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Since 2008, The Stewardship Network has hosted an annual challenge with the purpose of encouraging folks across North America to care for their local ecosystems by pulling non-native and invasive plants. In years past, the challenge has focused on pulling Garlic Mustard, but with the growing threat of other herbaceous species and the strengthening of our Network across diverse geographies that may not have garlic mustard invasions, we have decided to create a bigger, better challenge for 2018.

The Stewardship Network's Spring Invasive Species Challenge is a friendly competition to see who can pull the most herbaceous, non-native, invasive species in their area this spring. The challenge tracks the progress of our collective impact as we care for our land and water.

Anyone can participate, all you need to do is fill out our reporting form after pulling the invasive species in your area. We will ask you for:

  • Where and when you worked
  • How much you pulled
  • How many people helped, and for how long
  • If you're pulling on behalf of an organization such as:
    • Volunteer groups
    • CWMA groups (CISMAs, PRISMs, etc.)
    • Your employer
    • Your school
    • Or, if you're participating as an individual or household, you may choose "none"
  • What species you pulled

At the end of the challenge, participants are split into 3 different "weight classes," and 3 winners will be announced. Even if you don't win your weight class, we will be tracking and celebrating your hard work and contributions to the larger movement!