Mistaken Identity? Invasive Plants and their Native Analogues

While some invasive plants are distinctive and easily recognized, many others are difficult to distinguish from one or more species of our native flora. The result can be elimination of native plants that we want to preserve. This guide presents a side by side photographic comparison of the key characters helpful in confirming identification to allow you to quickly narrow down the possibilities. It covers invasive species at Ives Road Fen Preserve south of Tecumseh, Michigan but would have some applicability to other preserves in Michigan and Ohio. Each page has one invasive species and one or two similar native species. Photographs show key differences in such features as leaves, stem, fruit and flower. In some cases you get a bonus, such as a butterfly, with the photo. Bloom time and location information is given verbally. The remarks below the table discuss related invasives that are easy to distinguish. There are many more alien and invasive species not in this guide but most of them are easy to distinguish. A special thank you to Chuck Pearson and The Nature Conservancy for this excellent guide!
Related Clusters: 
Grand-Raisin Cluster