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Stewardship Workday at Ruthven Nature Area

Ruthven Nature Area 100 Huron Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI

Pre-register through VolunteerHub Ruthven is a reminder of many things: the kame, a hill composed of material left by retreating glaciers, is a reminder that it once stood beneath a mile of ice; the gorgeous oak opening habitat is a reminder of the once-dominant oak savannas whose grassland dotted the landscape in and around […]

Stewardship Workday at Fuller Park

Fuller Park 1519 Fuller Rd, Ann Arbor, MI

Pre-register through VolunteerHub Nestled between soccer fields, Island Park, and Cedar Bend Nature Area, Fuller Park contains a five-acre floodplain forest. These low bottomlands occasionally flood with the rise of the Huron, and the many water-loving plants here help mitigate flooding downstream. Much restoration work has been done recently to help this natural ecosystem […]

Stewardship Workday at Bird Hills Nature Area

Bird Hills Nature Area 1850 Newport Rd, Ann Arbor, MI

Pre-register through VolunteerHub Bird Hills is one of Ann Arbor’s most popular natural areas – and with five trailheads, there are a lot of options for viewing this beloved park. Stewardship of Ann Arbor’s natural areas is part of NAP’s mission, and a large park like Bird Hills needs lots of care to keep […]

Stewardship Workday at Brokaw Nature Area

Brokaw Nature Area 3013 W Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, MI

Pre-register through VolunteerHub Unique to Ann Arbor, this triangle-shaped 24-acre nature area is one of the newest parks—and one of only two to host shingle oaks. This is the only native oak with “entire” leaves, meaning they are not lobed like all other Michigan oaks. Additional oak species found here include white, swamp, Hill's, […]

Stewardship Workday at Dolph Nature Area

Dolph Nature Area 375 Parklake Ave, Ann Arbor, MI

Pre-register through VolunteerHub Dolph Nature Area is packed with diverse habitats that are essential to the health of myriad native plant and animal species. Especially popular for birds (and bird watchers) Dolph is a great place to show your commitment to the environment and Ann Arbor’s local ecosystem. Join other dedicated volunteers to remove […]

Stewardship Workday at Hickory Nature Area

Hickory Nature Area Ann Arbor, MI

Pre-register through VolunteerHub Do you know about landmark trees? A landmark tree meets forestry requirements such as health, size, and longevity, and is then considered to be highly valuable to the ecosystem and the community. Hickory Nature Area has many landmark trees that make it a unique place to experience nature. Join NAP to […]

Stewardship Workday at Olson Park

Olson Park 1515 Dhu Varren Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, Ann Arbor, MI

Pre-register through VolunteerHub Olson is a great snapshot of the many, many ways a park can serve the community. You can play a game of soccer, spot a flock of migrating birds, ride your mountain bike, go fishing, use the playground, let your dog off-leash in the dog park, check out the fantastic native […]

Stewardship Workday at Barton Nature Area

Barton Nature Area 1970 S Huron Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI

Pre-register through VolunteerHub Across the river from Bird Hills, Barton offers a different experience of nature than the steep climbs and sprawling forest. Most of Barton is flat and contains large areas of prairie, wetland, and old (farm) fields. You can get right down to the river on some of the trails, and get […]

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