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Spring Nature Walk with NAP and AADL

Scarlett Mitchell Nature Area 3801 Platt, Ann Arbor, MI

Scarlett Mitchell is 88 acres of mixed habitat – oak forest, wet meadow, shrubland – and a fabulous place to spot some cool birds, rare plants, and interesting mushrooms. Join this walk, then come back to Scarlett Mitchell next month for a Stewardship Workday! Meet in the Scarlett Middle School parking lot off Lorraine Street […]

Stewardship Workday at Buttonbush Nature Area

Buttonbush Nature Area 3314 Sutton Road, Ann Arbor, MI

Named for the dramatic thickets of buttonbush shrubs that bloom in the “inundated shrub swamp” in late July, Buttonbush Nature Area is only two years old –one of Ann Arbor’s newest parks. Join us to remove non-native plants, and spend some time getting to know this new and unique park. Meet at the park entrance […]

Stewardship Workday at Oakridge Nature Area

Oakridge Nature Area 1000 Huron Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI

#WorldEnvironmentDay was started in 1974 by the UN and is celebrated every year on June 5 to raise awareness and generate action. Join NAP at Oakridge Nature Area this #WorldEnvironmentDay to take part in the UN’s Decade on Ecological Restoration by pulling invasive plants. Meet us in the southwest corner of the intersection of Glazier […]

Stewardship Workday at Ruthven Nature Area

Ruthven Nature Area 100 Huron Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI

NAP will be out at Ruthven this #WorldEnvironmentDay to pull invasive plants. Join this day of action and take part in the UN’s Decade on Ecological Restoration. For the last 48 years #WorldEnvironmentDay has raised awareness about pressing environmental issues – let’s keep up the good work together! Meet at the Gallup boat dock parking […]

Stewardship Workday at Narrow Gauge Way Nature Area

Narrow Gauge Way Nature Area 3450 Narrow Gauge Way, Ann Arbor, MI

Come visit a beloved neighborhood park known for its precious geologic features. Between ten and sixteen thousand years ago, the advancing and retreating of glaciers across the land created features known as kames. Narrow Gauge Way has one of these kames, which is a sand and gravel hill deposited from an ice sheet. Enjoy views […]

Stewardship Workday at Huron Hills Golf Course Woods

Huron Hills Golf Course Woods 3465 E Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, MI

Huron Hills Golf Course Woods in summer is a beautifully shaded environment filled with black oak, sassafras, red maple, Hill’s oak, white oak, and witch-hazel. You can also be on the lookout for Pennsylvania sedge, Indian pipe, alum root, Carolina rose, hillside blueberry, and bracken fern. Join NAP to pull invasive weeds to protect and […]

Stewardship Workday at Brokaw Nature Area

Brokaw Nature Area 3013 W Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, MI

The variety of habitats within Brokaw make it a great place to explore. In the wet-mesic forest, you can find jewelweed—and green dragon if you’re lucky. The mesic forest has seven species of oak, including the noteworthy shingle oak. Finally, the old field habitat is a great place to stop and smell the wildflowers, like […]

Stewardship Workday at Barton Nature Area

Barton Nature Area 1970 S Huron Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI

The land at Barton Nature Area was purchased in the 1960s from Detroit Edison, who used Barton Dam for electric power production. Barton is the only dam in the city still used to generate electricity, but now the city sells the electricity to DTE. Historically, the entire oxbow area was cleared for farming due to […]

Stewardship Workday at Scarlett Mitchell Nature Area

Scarlett Mitchell Nature Area 3801 Platt, Ann Arbor, MI

There are two Park Stewards at Scarlett Mitchell who have been working at the 88-acre park for 55 years! NAP is grateful for all those frigid mornings and hot afternoons these seemingly tireless stewards have dedicated to the park. The hundreds of native species living there are probably grateful too. Join the legacy of preservation […]

Stewardship Workday at Berkshire Creek Nature Area

Berkshire Creek Nature Area 1970 S Huron Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI

At this mid-June workday, if you join NAP for an afternoon hand-pulling invasive weeds, you just might get to see some interesting and relatively rare native plants. Among them is green dragon, relative to Jack-in-the-pulpit, and named for part of its unique blossom which resembles a long, flickering lizard’s tongue – the “dragon’s tongue.” Meet […]

Stewardship Workday at Dolph Bioswale and Nature Area

Dolph Nature Area 375 Parklake Ave, Ann Arbor, MI

Pollinators would love your help this Saturday morning. In fact, hand-pulling invasive weeds at Dolph will support pollinators, and YOU! By removing aggressive non-native plants like garlic mustard and dame’s rocket, you’ll be freeing-up resources for the native plants that pollinators visit. When pollinators have good habitat, all the other organisms in the ecosystem benefit. […]

Stewardship Workday at Lakewood Nature Area

Lakewood Nature Area 3225 Sunnywood Dr, Ann Arbor, MI

Lakewood pollinators have a unique and locally rare plant species to enjoy, the Kentucky coffee-tree (Gymnocladus dioicus). This seeds of this member of the legume family were once used to make a weak coffee substitute. Come out for an afternoon hand-pulling invasive weeds that crowd and outcompete the native plant species that pollinators need to […]

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