Resilient Rights-of-Way Panel Discussion: Making the Most of Our Roadsides

Resilient Rights-of-Way Panel Discussion: Making the Most of Our Roadsides and Utility Corridors (BEG)
Moderator: Martha Holzheuer, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
Panelists: Rob Roman, Linn County Secondary Road Department; Luba Sitar, Amy Murray, ITC Holdings Corp.; Marc Sherman, Utility Lines Construction Services

Ecological restoration and ongoing land stewardship efforts tend to target high quality natural areas, but what is being done with the millions of acres comprising road and utility rights-of-way? Roadsides and utility corridors often represent the only land not currently in use for agriculture or urban development, and, as such, provide important wildlife habitat opportunities. Iowa's progressive Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program combines an array of management techniques with sound ecological principles to establish and maintain safe, healthy, functional and ecologically integrated roadsides. ITC Holdings Corp. implements an Integrated Vegetation Management Program to maintain their transmission corridors as functional ecosystems while ensuring electric system reliability. Please join our panel of ROW management experts to discuss the unique opportunities, challenges, success stories and lessons learned while making roadside and utility rights-of-way resilient landscape features. Saturday Workshops

Martha Holzheuer, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
Martha obtained her BS in resource ecology and management, MS in terrestrial ecology, and Master of Landscape Architecture from the School of Natural Resources & Environment at the University of Michigan. For the past nine years she has worked as a landscape ecologist at Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. on a variety of projects including rare species surveys and monitoring; wetland assessment, delineation, and monitoring; floristic quality assessments; invasive species management plans; native planting design; and implementation of municipal wetland, woodland, and natural features protection ordinances. She also has experience with and a passion for field based education of the public and clientele regarding the protection of rare species and the identification and use of native plants.