Duluth CISMA Resources

Duluth CISMA Resources

WFDN: Identification of Invasive Perennial Knotweeds (Video)

Video from the Wisconsin First Detection Network about the identification of invasive perennial knotweeds!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R4kSFR9uCA

Duluth CISMA Knotweed Brochure

Brochure created by the Duluth CISMA that concludes relevant information about knotweed as it relates to the Duluth area and beyond.

Duluth Area Contractors Offering Invasive Species / Knotweed Control

Based near Duluth:

- Boreal Natives, a division of Prairie Restorations, Inc.: contact John Kratochvil, Land Management Coordinator, at 612-708-9436 (cell); 218-878-3369 (office Line 1) or 218-878-3371 (office Line 2). Email jkratochvil@prairieresto.com.
- Rick's Tree and Stump Removal: contact Rick at 218-728-2427 Based out of Duluth
- Miller Creek Lawn and Landscape: contact Natasha at 218-727-3040

Regional experts (best suited for larger projects):

- Applied Ecological Services: contact Matt Lasch at 952-210-8452, matt.Lasch@appliedeco.com
- GEI Consultants: contact Anna Weesies, Ecological Technician, aweesies@geiconsultants.com
- Landbridge Ecological: contact Tory Christensen or Patrick Kelly at 612-503-4420; email tory@landbridge.eco; website: www.landbridge.eco ;
- Minnesota Native Landscapes, Inc.: contact Josh Hanson 763-295-0010 josh@MNLCorp.com
- CARDNO: contact Chris White at 616-847-1680 or cell 574-249-8504; chris.white@cardno.com  or Mark Pranckus 715-450-5128 Pranckus@cardno.com Web www.cardno.com;
- Tree Care Experts: 612-331-1133 www.mntreeservice.com Based out of Rogers MN
- Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.: contact Paul Bockenstedt 651-604-4812 paul.bockenstedt@stantec.com (large commercial or municipal projects, not yards)

Mn Dept Ag's lookup service for licensed commercial pesticide applicators http://www2.mda.state.mn.us/webapp/lis/pestappdefault.jsp

MN State Management Plan for Invasives

This plan was developed by a workgroup of the Minnesota Invasive Species Advisory Council and revised based upon input gathered at a stakeholder workshop, a public review period, a Tribal meeting and review, MISAC member review, and other input.

Knotweed Animations!

Here is a series of 3 fun videos that could be helpful in spreading the word about Japanese Knotweed.

Video #1: Intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J99e_rTJ66U

Video #2: Identification & Reproduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTgoan0jLnQ

Video #3: Handling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzG63ujtCo8

Common Buckthorn ID Powerpoint

Here is a great powerpoint to aid in the identification of Common Buckthorn!
Download: Office presentation icon buckthorn_id.ppt

Exploring the Possibilities: Minnesota Presentation

Several organizations and individuals have been working together to plan and initiate a stronger and more coordinated effort to address terrestrial invasive species and sustain natural areas in Minnesota. On March 12th, 2015, numerous individuals and organizations came together - professionals, volunteers, property owners, students and academics - to craft a vision of collective action to benefit the area's natural resources, foster sustainable communities, and control invasive species. This presentation is from that meeting. Check it out and share with people and organizations caring for land and water in Minnesota!