Cluster Coordinator Position Description (Volunteer)

The Cluster Coordinator serves as the primary volunteer leader of a local Cluster. The role of a Cluster Coordinator multi-faceted: He or she is simultaneously a leader, champion, facilitator, and/or gardener as the community necessitates. This role is vitally important to ensuring the continued involvement of a diverse array of partners, the recruitment of new partners, and to maximize the success of a local Cluster and leverage the strengths of those involved. The Cluster Coordinator can draw on the support, systems, and structures provided by the Network to fill this role. Learn more about this role here!

A Cluster Coordinator will learn a great deal about how to organize and combine the efforts of many individuals and organizations, and will also gain an understanding of the care and monitoring of local natural lands and waters. This position also puts the Cluster Coordinator in contact with an ever-growing network of conservation- and restoration- based organizations working locally and across the region. A person in this role gains access to high-level leadership and facilitation training, personal guidance and support, and access to a network of peers as he or she works on behalf of land and water. A Cluster Coordinator will have the satisfaction of knowing that their contribution is invaluable to the work of the Network, and to the health of our ecosystems and communities. Dedicated, effective people in the position of Cluster Coordinator help to ensure the success of a local Cluster and community-based conservation.

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