October 7, 2016: Long-term deer managment in the Huron Clinton Metroparks

Friday, October 7, 2016 - 5:00pm
Hike Location: 
Kensington Metropark Nature Center

What are the effects of long-term deer management in the Huron Clinton Metroparks? What are the known impacts of deer on vegetation?

What are the known impacts of deer on vegetation? Does managing deer herds allow for vegetation recovery in natural areas? How do deer impacts compare to and interact with other management challenges, including invasive species control and prescribed burns?

The Huron Clinton Metroparks have had deer exclosures in Kensington Metropark since 1995, and added exclosures to several other parks in 2001. Park administrators have been conducting aerial deer population surveys and managing deer since 1998. We'll discuss initial observations of deer impacts on park vegetation, and recent monitoring and observations on of whether or how vegetation is recovering after nearly 20 years of deer management.

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Hike Facilitator: 
Paul Muelle (Natural Resources and Environmental Compliance Manager) and Ryan Colliton (Natural Resources Coordinator); may be joined by Jacqueline Courteau (ecologist and researcher)
A native of Marquette, Michigan, Paul earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Michigan State University in 1981 and is a licensed landscape architect in Michigan. He worked at several landscape architectural firms in southeast Michigan before joining the Huron-Clinton Metroparks in 1986 where he was involved with the planning and field implementation of recreational facilities, turf grass management, invasive species control and environmental initiatives. Paul was promoted to Chief of Natural Resources for the Metroparks in 2000. His primary responsibility is the management of the natural communities within the Metroparks 24,000 acres including water resources, wildlife, forestry/arborculture, natural areas restoration and management as well as environmental compliance and sustainability initiatives for the park system.