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Join the Grand-Raisin Cluster in-person at one of our upcoming events listed below! Please consider preregistering for cluster workshops, hikes and events but walk-ins are always welcome!

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The Stewardship Network's Spring Invasive Species Challenge

The Grand-Raisin Cluster encourages you to get involved in the 2018 Spring Invasive Species Challenge! This friendly competition targets invasive plants that can rapidly move into a natural areas and out-compete the native plants. If you want to host your own pull at any time, Submit an Event by clicking above. Report your tally on behalf of the Grand-Raisin Cluster to:

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Cluster Sponsored Events

At this time there are no scheduled cluster sponsored events.

Other Grand-Raisin Cluster Area Events

Crossroads Farm & Wildlife Association: Permaculture Tour, Growing Native Perennials and Meet-n-Greet

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

13953 Woerner Rd. Manitou Beach, MI 49253


Permaculture Tour, Growing Native Perennials and Meet-n-Greet
Gather around the bonfire after the tour to share ideas.

Crossroads Farm is a place where you can hear the birds chirping, watch a butterfly sip nectar from a trumpet vine, and walk a path through the woods. Unless of course it is wintertime, then you can strap on cross country ski's and journey through the trails glistening with frosty icicles. If you move quietly you may observe the deer that frequent the area.