Exploring Mount Saint Helens

Thirty five years ago, on May 18, 1980 Mount Saint Helens erupted. The volcano spewed out molten rocks and ash high into the sky. This natural event changed the landscape in the area. Keith, Malik and David will report on their work to understand the ecology of the region as it recovers and share results of their continuing field work in the region.
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Friday, January 15, 2016 - 11:15am to 11:30am
Keith Young, Jr.
Ecotek Lab
Keith Young Jr is a senior at Eastern Michigan University and a research mentor at Ecotek Lab. He is currently majoring in geography with a minor in history. His goal is to integrate his knowledge of geography and history with his hands-on experiences in doing environmental science fieldwork and geographic information systems (GIS) to pursue a career in environmental conservation.
Malik Basset
Ecotek Lab
Malik Bassett is an 11th grader at Detroit Edison Early College of Excellence and a senior researcher on the life science team in Ecotek Lab. His research focuses on identifying, developing and validating effective methods of using medicinal plants to treat triple negative breast cancer. Malik is currently working as a research assistant at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.
David Whiteside
Ecotek Lab
David Whiteside is an 11th grader at Ben Carson High School in the City of Detroit and a senior researcher on the engineering team in Ecotek Lab. His research focuses on using advanced chemistry techniques and processes to developing bioenergy solutions. David is currently designing and constructing an anaerobic bioreactor that will be used to produce algae based biogas.