Science, Practice and Art of Restoring Native Ecosystems Conference Program 2015

Welcome to The Stewardship Network's Science, Practice and Art of Restoring Native Ecosystems 2015 conference. This event brings together an amazing array of people dedicated to the care of our lands and waters in the Great Lakes region and beyond. We would like to thank the many volunteers, presenters and sponsors along with YOU, the attendees, for making this conference possible. Each of us is here as both teacher and student, a true community of peers striving to create healthy, sustainable social and ecological structures in a constantly changing world.

Ecological and social systems must be RESILIENT in order to be able to tolerate disturbance without collapsing. Indeed, some natural communities (oak openings, for example) require disturbance (fire) to remain healthy. We would even venture to say that a bit of pot-stirring is good for all of us. We invite you to step out of your comfort zone: talk to someone with a widely differing viewpoint; attend a talk on a subject that might make you squeamish; ask difficult questions; share your setbacks and challenges. We want you to connect, grow and be inspired. By adding a few new ingredients and spices to your pot, you'll very likely end up with a tastier stew and a more resilient recipe!

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