Natural Systems Restoration – Enhancing the Urban Experience

Natural systems can perform many functions, sometimes more efficiently than built systems. Resource planners recognize the importance of natural systems in urban settings. In turn, planning and design in urban areas is expanding to include an emphasis on natural systems restoration and the unique experiences that it provides. A critical component of natural systems restoration is the understanding that systems serve roles from the microbial to the global scale and understanding this scale is a critical element in developing restoration actions. This presentation will describe the importance of planning for natural systems restoration in enhancing the urban environment, promoting economic growth and serving as a differentiator when competing for limited funding. This presentation will focus on several key aspects for successful planning of natural systems restoration. Case studies will provide an overview of the process, community benefits, regulatory hurdles and funding sources associated with natural system restoration
Friday, January 13, 2017 - 3:55pm to 4:55pm
Andrew McDowell
Andrew has seven years of experience as a designer and technical team leader on projects oriented towards green infrastructure, ecological restoration/mitigation, alternative stormwater management, and landscape architectural improvements. He is skilled in design development, construction drawings, native planting plans, and construction management. As a designer, Andrew has a particular interest in solving problems associated with water and natural systems.
Neal Billetdeaux
Mr. Billetdeaux’s strong background in ecology gives him a unique understanding of how environmental issues play an important role in today’s planning projects. He has worked on projects ranging from habitat restoration of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems to site planning and design at multiple scales with emphasis on ecosystem and stormwater management. Neal is currently focusing on low-impact design integrating sustainable site development practices in the project planning process