The Michigan Dune Alliance: Restoring Eastern Lake Michigan Coastal Ecosystems

Kaldis Grants
The Nature Conservancy
Kaldis Grants is the Coastal Restoration Coordinator for The Nature Conservancy's Eastern Lake Michigan Project. He joined The Nature Conservancy as Dune Restoration Crew Leader before assuming his current position in 2014. Kaldis is involved in the coordination of Michigan Dune Alliance restoration efforts throughout the western coast of Lake Michigan. Building partnerships and capacity for sustainable conservation of our coastal ecosystems.
Other presenters/researchers: 
Shaun Howard; Chris May

The Michigan Dune Alliance (MDA) was formed in 1999 to protect the 500+ miles of Eastern Lake Michigan’s dunes, wetlands, and coastal forests by building a coordinated coastal effort and creating a unified vision for coastal conservation. Made up of federal, state, regional, and local partners, the Dune Alliance has implemented a landscape-scale “early detection and response” (EDR) program to effectively eradicate the highest-threat terrestrial invasive plants in this ecosystem. The Dune Alliance is also taking the necessary steps to define and achieve complementary conservation goals for this system, including strategic land protection, support of sound environmental policy, and testing sustainable financing mechanisms.

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