Lakes Country Cluster Resources

Lakes Country Cluster Resources

Webinar: Strategies to recruit, broaden the audience, and retain volunteers

August 23, 2016 webinar from The Keystone Policy Center and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Garlic Mustard Workday Planning Kit (NAP)

Garlic Mustard Workday Planning Kit

Cluster Workshop Menu

Are you looking for a topic for a Cluster Workshop? Download this Workshop Menu for an ongoing and ever-growing menu of the various workshops Clusters have hosted across the Great Lakes! It is a great resource to help you jump-start workshop planning in your Cluster area. Contact us at for more details.

Steward's Pledge

Commit to Conserve! Join the growing collection of individuals, families, and groups that have committed to thinking about our world differently, learning about the natural world, and connecting with others who share this interest. If you are an individual representing yourself or your family, please consider signing the Steward's Pledge today! If you represent an organization, please consider signing The Stewardship Network Memorandum of Understanding today!

Get To Know Your Land

Approaching the management and care of your land can appear daunting. If you’re looking for a starting point, or something you can get out and do right now without any special training, check out this guide.