From Inspiration to Integration: The Resourceful Journey of a Nascent Non-Profit

How do two people equipped with English degrees and a dream find the right supportive resources within the existing fabric of mid-Michigan stewardship coalitions? This presentation will trace the learning curve that characterizes the research and outreach needed to actualize a place-specific vision that emphasizes Conservation, Restoration, and Education. How can we best utilize a non-profit certification that has been slumbering for 5 years? Is a non-profit indeed the best way to begin the journey toward becoming a functional stewardship resource able to enhance the common cause of ecological care? Focused on a considerable swath of undeveloped acreage that has been in my husband's family for decades, guided by my indigenous heritage, and grounded in my husband's lifelong love for and familiarity with the particular character and wild inhabitants of these lands. I will present on the process of translating these inspirational aspects into a practical, integrated plan that will support our vision for conserving and restoring the ecological diversity of a beloved place: ultimately to nurture creative arts-based educational experiences that encourage affection for the many inhabitants of the land. So, where to begin?

Saturday, January 14, 2017 - 12:15pm to 1:05pm
Nichole Biber
Nichole Biber is a citizen of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians. As a scholar with a Ph.D. in English from MSU, she specializes in how traditional storytelling and languages inform indigenous approaches to activism and advocacy. Respectful of the important work accomplished by those trained an educated in the natural resources and environmental sciences, she is interested in how the natural world also provides an important educational opportunity for people to cultivate, through the creative arts, a contemplative awareness of our interdependency.