Identifying regional knowledge and remaining unknowns about fire and invasive species in the Lake States forests

Emily Caretti
Department of Forestry, Michigan State University
Emily Caretti is an undergraduate student at Michigan State University studying forestry and wildlife biology and management. She has held several positions with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan State University, and U.S. Forest Service studying and managing various invasive plant and animal species. Her field experience and desire for a future career as a silviculturist have sparked her interest in exploring innovative techniques to manage these species and their impacts.

Invasive species are an increasingly common component of tree-dominated ecosystems in the Lake States region, and managers are often tasked with developing strategies for eradicating these species. The Lake States Fire Science Consortium citation database was searched for publications addressing invasive, non-native, and exotic plant or animal species. We located approximately 15 publications that addressed fire and invasive species in tree-dominated ecosystems between 1979 and 2015. This literature review will not only provide a compilation of current knowledge for managers to consult when faced with invasive species concerns, but will also identify gaps in knowledge about the effects of fire on invasive species and provide inspiration for future research.

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