The Green Team and the Restoration of Plaster Creek

Micah Warners
Calvin College, Plaster Creek Stewards
Micah Warners is a Calvin College senior from Grand Rapids, Michigan, double majoring in secondary education and Spanish. He is currently student teaching science subjects at City High School. He has been actively involved with the Plaster Creek Green Team for the past three years, since its first year running. Outside of school, Micah enjoys running, ultimate Frisbee, working with Plaster Creek Stewards, and hanging out with friends.
Other presenters/researchers: 
Leira Lew, Calvin College; David Warners, Calvin College; Gail Heffner, Calvin College; Gary Warners, Calvin College.

Urban youth are spending less time outdoors in nature. This past summer, Calvin College's Plaster Creek Stewards (PCS) continued its Green Team program, employing a group of high school students who live in the Plaster Creek Watershed to install and maintain green infrastructure projects. The objectives of this program are to promote interactions with nature, work to restore Plaster Creek with green infrastructure projects, and demystify the college experience for at-risk urban youth. This program achieves these objectives through classroom learning, on-site restoration work, greenhouse plant propagation, seed collecting, invasive species removals, and research shadowing. The Green Team model has been replicated in the Rogue River Watershed. Once a week, both teams worked together on a common project. This program has been richly successful, and many participants have commented on how they not only built great friendships, but also learned so much about the environmental justice issues in their watersheds.

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