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#TSNwebcast | “Creating a Network of Old-Growth Forests in Michigan”

with guests Nick Sanchez (Network Manager) and Sarah Adloo (Executive Director) of the Old-Growth Forest Network The Old-Growth Forest Network will explore the status of old-growth in Michigan, discuss the importance of ancient forests for human health, biodiversity and combating climate change, and actions needed to protect and restore future old-growth and connect people to […]

#TSNwebcast | “The Great Lakes Piping Plover: Road to Recovery”

with guest Jillian Farkas (Wildlife Biologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service) The Great Lakes Piping Plover was federally listed in 1986, when the population was only at 17 pairs. Since listing, the population has slowly continued to increase as a result of monitoring and protection, predator management, captive rearing, and habitat management efforts by federal, […]

#TSNwebcast | “RADical ecosystem change: Applying the RAD (Resist-Accept-Direct) framework”

with guest Abigail J. Lynch (Research Fish Biologist, USGS National Climate Adaptation Center) Most natural resource conservation and management approaches look to the past for precedent. But, what happens when the past doesn’t reflect the future? With climate change and other stressors, ecosystems are transforming, making many of these approaches increasingly untenable. The RAD (Resist-Accept-Direct) framework can help navigate the […]

#TSNwebcast | “Identifying Recoverable, Fire-Dependent Systems in The Huron Manistee National Forest”

with guest Jesse Lincoln (Ecologist, Michigan Natural Features Inventory) Growing up, many local kids are told that Michigan is just an extensive forest and that a squirrel could run from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron without touching the ground. Historically, though, this state was home to a myriad of fire-adapted natural communities, including many open grasslands […]

#TSNwebcast | “Returning the Wild to the Wilderness: Loss, Legacy, and New Opportunity”

with guest Thomas Keller (Furbearer Biologist, Pennsylvania Game Commission) Gone for 120 years, the American marten was a common native species to Pennsylvania. This presentation will take a look at what happened to the marten and other species that were extirpated within the state, then focus on determining the feasibility of a reintroduction and what that […]

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