Ely Area Invasives Team Grows a Network

Bill Tefft
Ely Area Invasives Team
Bill Tefft has college degrees in Parks and Recreation Resource Management and Fish and Wildlife Management. Work experience has been primarily in education and environmental interpretation with employers, city park systems, state parks, national forests, community colleges and The Nature Conservancy. Titles include Ranger Guide, Mine Interpreters, Forest Technician, Assistant Director and College Instructor. Current work includes volunteer work on invasive species and the leader of the Ely Field Naturalists.

Two years of work has strengthened the network of public agencies, non-profit organizations, the First Nation of Anishinaabe, local leaders, and volunteers that form a collaboration providing public education and action against aquatic and terrestrial invasive species in northeastern Minnesota. Team building, leadership, resources and experience are drawn from networking outward to funding and resource providers and materials are fashioned with available funding into an annual action plan to engage paid field workers, deployed volunteers and concerned citizens and businesses.

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