Duluth Area Contractors Offering Invasive Species / Knotweed Control

Based near Duluth:

- Boreal Natives, a division of Prairie Restorations, Inc.: contact John Kratochvil, Land Management Coordinator, at 612-708-9436 (cell); 218-878-3369 (office Line 1) or 218-878-3371 (office Line 2). Email jkratochvil@prairieresto.com.
- Rick's Tree and Stump Removal: contact Rick at 218-728-2427 Based out of Duluth
- Miller Creek Lawn and Landscape: contact Natasha at 218-727-3040

Regional experts (best suited for larger projects):

- Applied Ecological Services: contact Matt Lasch at 952-210-8452, matt.Lasch@appliedeco.com
- GEI Consultants: contact Anna Weesies, Ecological Technician, aweesies@geiconsultants.com
- Landbridge Ecological: contact Tory Christensen or Patrick Kelly at 612-503-4420; email tory@landbridge.eco; website: www.landbridge.eco ;
- Minnesota Native Landscapes, Inc.: contact Josh Hanson 763-295-0010 josh@MNLCorp.com
- CARDNO: contact Chris White at 616-847-1680 or cell 574-249-8504; chris.white@cardno.com  or Mark Pranckus 715-450-5128 Pranckus@cardno.com Web www.cardno.com;
- Tree Care Experts: 612-331-1133 www.mntreeservice.com Based out of Rogers MN
- Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.: contact Paul Bockenstedt 651-604-4812 paul.bockenstedt@stantec.com (large commercial or municipal projects, not yards)

Mn Dept Ag's lookup service for licensed commercial pesticide applicators http://www2.mda.state.mn.us/webapp/lis/pestappdefault.jsp