December 2018 Webcast: (Re)connect with Nature: Keep a Nature Journal

"(Re)connect with Nature: Keep a Nature Journal"

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The Stewardship Network is all about working in (or on behalf of) nature, but it can be easy to get caught up in the work and forget to pause and truly see the natural areas we’re working in. Winter is a perfect time to reflect and reconnect, so for this month's webcast we are joined by ecologist Jacqueline Courteau, who will share ideas and prompts for using nature journaling to (re)connect to nature. More than just a field notebook, a natural journal can be used as a form of meditation and reflection, to heighten observation skills, and to increase your feelings of gratitude and connectedness—to nature, to community, and to memory. This session will offer inspiration to deepen your connection to the land you love. Come and cultivate your sense of wonder!

Jacqueline Courteau is an ecologist and consultant (NatureWrite LLC) who has taught courses including field ecology and ecology labs, restoration ecology, sense of place, natural history, and environmental writing at University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. From an initial emphasis on field notebooks, she evolved to a broader approach of assigning nature journaling, and students consistently reported that, despite their initial resistance, this assignment was meaningful and enjoyable (some students emailed years later remembering this as a high point of their college class work). She understands the difficulty of committing to any kind of meditative practice, and hopes that by offering these exercises to the larger conservation community, we can support each other in our efforts.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 12:00pm