Creating Awareness of Non-Native Invasive Plant Species and Michigan’s Endangered Plant Species through Art

Foreshadowing- Endangered & Threatened Plant Species is a project in which I photograph the shadows of endangered plants and transfer the images onto paper made from invasive plant species. Since 2013, I have photographed 48 native plants and experimented with making paper from 11 invasive plant species. The presentation will include the following: 1) the process of how to responsibly collect non-native, invasive plant species such as phragmites, garlic mustard, and reed canarygrass. 2) the steps for turning plant biomass into pulp. 3) a demonstration on how to make (or "pull") a sheet of paper. 4) my process for selecting, locating, and photographing the shadows of endangered plants. 5) a demonstration of an alcohol gel transfer onto invasive plant paper. 6) how similar paper-making projects could be implemented in a community and/or school setting to raise awareness of Michigan's native plants and the invasive plants that threaten them.
Friday, January 13, 2017 - 3:55pm to 4:55pm
Jane Kramer
Jane Kramer is a documentary and fine art photographer in East Lansing and recipient of the 2012 Individual Artist Grant and 2013 Chris Clark Fellowship from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Her projects are created with a conceptual approach and are motivated by a story, message, or educational element. After being selected as one of four Michigan artists to participate in an art and exhibition exchange between Michigan and Shiga, Japan, she began her series titled "Foreshadowing – Endangered and Threatened Plant Species". For this project she is photographing the shadows of endangered and threatened plant species and printing them onto paper made from the invasive plant species that threaten them. Jane received funding from Michigan Nature Association to help start the project and now donates a portion of her sales to MNA. She completed an Artist Residency at MSU’s Kellogg Biological Station this summer, collecting new invasive plant species, photographing two endangered and threatened plant species, and presenting her project to K-12 science teachers. "Foreshadowing" was recently covered on Michigan Public Radio’s The Environment Report with Rebecca Williams and her print, "cream wild indigo", was selected for inclusion in Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize.