Connecting Communities Online and Scoring Ecological Health

This session will introduce participants to the Great Lakes Clean Communities Network (GLCCN), an online platform designed to help facilitate networking, group discussions, and sharing of information that may benefit and improve environmental practitioners efforts for addressing environmental issues. A demonstration of the online networking hub will be provided with an in-depth look at an Ecological Scorecard for gauging environmental health.
Friday, January 13, 2017 - 1:15pm to 2:15pm
Jeremiah Asher
Institute of Water Research, MSU
Jeremiah Asher is the director of information and decision support technology at the Institute of Water Research and has an extensive background in geographic information systems, decision support system development, and natural resource management. His interest is in web/GIS decision support system development and was the chief software architect and designer of the nationally awarded North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program for Pasquotank Watershed, and the nationally awarded Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool interface for the State of Michigan. His most recent activities and research are focused on networking environmental practitioners and communities in the Great Lakes, evaluating wetland treatment of nutrients from agricultural tile drains for the Army Corp of Engineers, and exploring a groundwater credit trading system for Michigan high capacity water users.