Backpack Sprayers: Selection, Customization, Repair

Most people involved in habitat restoration use backpack sprayers. They are familiar with the type they use and maybe one or two others but have only a vague awareness of the others. This presentation will discuss the different types, a 19 sprayer evaluation done by Rutgers University, modifications that can be made to improve sprayer function and ergonomics, and accessories. Many organizations just discard their sprayers when they stop working. My presentation will conclude with a demonstration of how easy it is to rebuild a sprayer.
Saturday, January 14, 2017 - 12:15pm to 1:05pm
Chuck Pearson
The Nature Conservancy
Chuck Pearson has been managing ecosystem restoration, mainly eradication of garlic mustard, honeysuckle, and glossy buckthorn, on 450 acres of fen, floodplain forest, and oak savanna at The Nature Conservancy's Ives Road Fen preserve near Tecumseh, Michigan, and leading the volunteer program there since 2005. This has given him a lot of experience with backpack sprayers. Before becoming a restoration ecologist Chuck was an engineer with Ford Motor Company. He has engineering degrees from Cornell University and Wayne State University and lives near the preserve. His major contribution to resource conservation was having only one child.
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