April 2019 Webcast: "2019 Spring Invasive Species Challenge Kickoff!"

View recording here: https://meet89164134.adobeconnect.com/pwd9thned824/

As we begin the 2019 field season, it’s important for us to remember that while our individual efforts may be geographically separated, they are all connected through the pursuit of a common goal: “Pulling today for native plants tomorrow!”

The Stewardship Network's Spring Invasive Species Challenge is a chance for us to appreciate the work we do in a larger context by understanding the role we all play in the larger collective impact that we can have together. Every year since 2008, participants track their work progress by reporting the pounds of herbaceous invasive species that they pull during the spring months; these submissions are then added together, contributing to the larger tally of the entire Stewardship Network!

Originally only focused on garlic mustard, in response to our growing network the challenge has expanded in both scope and geography to include a wide range of plant species across North America. Whether you’re working in Quebec, Florida, or Washington State – if you’re pulling herbaceous invasive species this spring, we want to hear about it! Anyone can participate: volunteers or professionals, groups or individuals. All you need to do is fill out our reporting form after pulling the invasive species in your area. By participating, you also have a chance at being crowned champion of your weight class

We will also have opportunities for you to share your stories and photos with us in an effort to add personal context to the numbers that we record as a network. We will use this content in our social media, email, and website communications to showcase your hard work to our community of like-minded restoration volunteers and professionals throughout The Stewardship Network!

Our guest this month was Kelly Kearns of the Wisconsin DNR, talking about invasive plant identification and recommended methods of treatment!

Webcast Date: 
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 12:00pm