Aerial Imaging for Natural Areas Management

Jerry Robinson
Geum Services Inc.
Jerry Robinson works for Geum Services Inc.
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Steve Allen

Fixed wing aircraft have been supplying aerial images of land holdings for decades. A smaller and closer to the ground option has become available in the past couple of years. With advances in the parallel technology innovations that allow a stable platform for a high-resolution camera and radio/computer controlled quad (or multi-prop) drones to carry that camera, a vantage point from over a natural area is or will be available to all property managers.

Geum Video Images (, a division of Geum Services Inc., support land management activities by supplying unique high-resolution vantage-points, which allows for property evaluation, invasive species presence documentation or spread, seasonal water changes or weather event documentation, and visualization of hard to reach (wetland) areas.

Examples of drone video images are presented.

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