Rob Luzynski

Network Administrator
Rob Luzynski graduated from the University of Michigan's Program in the Environment in the spring of 2016 with Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Science and a Concentration in Human-Environment Interactions. Since then, he has held a variety of jobs, including a research assistant position with U of M's Organizational Studies department, a summer fellowship with the Optimize Social Innovation Challenge, a facilitator teaching sustainability and critical issues in Detroit through U of M's Applied Liberal Arts department, Floriculturist for the City of Detroit, Hoop-House builder for the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, and Founder/President of a music booking and outreach company called Nu Lo. His passions are perpetually in flux and lie at the intersection of art, music, psychology, and the environment. After seeing Lisa Brush speak to his Restoration Ecology class in the Fall of 2015, the two developed a close relationship that eventually culminated in Rob joining the TSN team in August of 2017.
Role @ TSN: