Dave Borneman

Board Member (Former Board President)
David Borneman has worked as the Natural Area Preservation Manager for the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1993. Among other responsibilities, this includes overseeing the ecological restoration of about 1200 acres of city parkland. David also owns a private ecological consulting business specializing in prescribed burning. He holds a B.S. degree in Outdoor Education/Field Biology from Northland College and an M.S. degree in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development from UW-Madison. David's areas of expertise are in using fire to manage natural areas in the Midwest and in urban natural area issues. He serves on the board of The Stewardship Network (President) and formerly served on the boards of the Natural Areas Association and the Michigan Prescribed Fire Council. David was born and raised on a farm in Illinois, and has lived his entire life in the Midwest, except for one year spent teaching school in the Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica.
Role @ TSN: 
Board Member