Caylen Cole-Hazel

Administrative Assistant
Caylen Cole came to The Stewardship Network in October 2018. She comes from a diverse ecological background and has had the opportunity to live alongside many different North American ecosystems. Caylen has been influenced by a passionate concern for environmental integrity from a very young age. Her role models wherever she lived were the plants, animals, weather patterns, and water features native to her locality. She moved to Michigan from the California coast in 2009 and earned a B.A. in Linguistics from Eastern Michigan University in 2014. Her previous work experience includes academic linguistic research and retail. Most recently, she has enriched the University of Michigan central campus libraries as a circulation assistant. Caylen decided to join The Stewardship Network because she could no longer stand on the sidelines while environmental degradation ensued. She is enthusiastically engaged in helping to strengthen the network and eagerly encourages people to connect to the natural world and consciously care for themselves and the environment.
Role @ TSN: