Wild Food Traditions - Lost Connections to the Land

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Wild food traditions have declined since the industrial era as mechanized agriculture has transformed our food systems. This decline is cross cultural and has contributed to the disconnect between humans and our natural environment. Wild food processing activities strengthens bonds between families and community and contributes to physical and emotional health, and promotes conservation because of the direct connection between the natural world and the dinner table.
Presenter 1 Name: 
Barb Barton
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Endangered Species Consulting
Presenter 1 Biography: 
Barb Barton is a water quality specialist, endangered species biologist, author, life-long wild foods forager, and award-winning singer-songwriter. Although she wears many hats, they all involve connecting people with the Earth. Barb has worked on wild rice conservation and education since 2008 and enjoys ricing with her family at Lac Vieux Desert. Her new book Manoomin: The Story of Wild Rice in Michigan (MSU Press) will be released June 2018.