TSN Wins International Award!

On behalf of our network of organizations and volunteers, Cluster Coordinators, Cluster planning committees, staff, and board of directors I am humbled and honored to share with you the news that The Stewardship Network has been awarded the international 2015 Science and Practice of Ecology and Society Award by the Foundation for Scientific Symbiosis! (Bringing it back to the US for the first time in 5 years!)

This is well deserved recognition for the work we all do to bring transdisciplinary science into practice.

So what on earth does that mean?!

  • It means that each and every day our collaborative network is both on the land and on the web connecting people who study this lovely planet with people who are taking care of it.
  • It recognizes your participation in TSN free monthly webcasts that connect hundreds of people across North America and beyond to build bridges, share cutting-edge information and accelerate our work in nature each month.
  • It recognizes your participation in TSN workdays and workshops in your backyard through the many collaborative conservation communities or "Clusters" that you all have created - or are ready to create throughout the country. Want to start a Cluster? You can contact me at lbrush@stewardshipnetwork.org to get started.
  • It recognizes your year-end tax-deductible donations that have helped TSN build traction and momentum for connecting, equipping and mobilizing people and organizations to care for land and water in their communities across the country.
  • It recognizes all of you who will be joining us at our annual Science, Practice & Art of Restoring Native Ecosystems conference.

The December issue of Ecology and Society is now available online. Take a moment to learn about The Stewardship Network and the 2015 Science and Practice of Ecology and Society Award. There is so much more that I want to share about the success you all are bringing to our network - but now I will pause to take this moment to wish you a very happy new year and to a 2016 that opens to your dreams.

With great appreciation-
Lisa Brush
Executive Director


Although people and organizations in the Great Lakes region, USA take seriously their role as stewards of natural resources, many lack capacity to fulfill that role in a meaningful way. Stepping into that gap, The Stewardship Network (TSN) envisions "a world of empowered, connected communities caring for land and water, now and forever," and fulfills that vision through its mission to "connect, equip, and mobilize people and organizations to care for land and water in their communities." TSN uses a scalable model of linked local and regional capacity building, science communication, civic engagement, and on-the-ground stewardship activities to achieve these goals. The model engages local and regional groups in an ongoing process of learning around conservation and restoration that improves social and ecological knowledge. I share the story of TSN to demonstrate how transdisciplinary science can take hold locally and expand regionally to bring people from diverse disciplines and functional roles together to solve common problems. I demonstrate how researchers and practitioners can collaborate to create enduring mechanisms of social and ecological change.

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