Central Soutwest Cluster Events

Join the Central Soutwest Cluster in-person at one of our upcoming events listed below! Please consider preregistering for cluster workshops, hikes and events but walk-ins are always welcome!

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Central Soutwest Cluster Events

The Central Soutwest Cluster is launching a Google Calendar to be a clearing house for individuals and organizations to promote and advertize their projects, events, workdays and workshops. In this experiment, we are trying to reach as many stewardship enthusiasts as we can in our region. We wish to engage more volunteers and participants who perhaps are not sure where to fit their time or skills but wish to participate. Through the year this calendar will have much to offer on what there is to do and see in the southwest Corner Cluster.

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Cluster Sponsored Events

May, 2017 Webcast - Making Sense of CWMA's, CISMA's, PRISM's & TSN Clusters: How Local Partnerships Enhance Invasive Species Control and Ecological Restoration

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Your home or office!


Local conservation partnerships, such as CWMAs, CISMAs, PRISMS, and Stewardship Network Clusters, can address invasive species by enhancing cooperation and coordination across agency and organizational jurisdictions. This session will explore the projects, techniques, and methods used by local partnerships to address invasive plants and what role these groups play in regional and national invasive species efforts.

Other Southwest Corner Cluster Area Events

At this time there are no other scheduled events in this cluster.