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Have You Seen These Signs?


What is going on at these properties?

These signs are placed on the property of landowners who have partnered with The Stewardship Network in order to promote natural lands restoration. The Stewardship Network is a grassroots cooperative organization working to protect, restore, and manage Michigan's natural lands and waters. We are working with landowners in your area to help them restore natural areas on their property.

What does this mean?

It means that The Stewardship Network is working with private landowners, like you, who have decided to take action. Landowners are working to remove invasive species, such as autumn olive and garlic mustard, and helping to sustain native plants and animals. These landowners are having a positive impact on the natural world around them. You can too!

If you are interested in having our staff talk with you about your restoration goals, help you set up a work plan, or simply offer an opinion, please contact us. We’d love to help you.

What are landowners actually doing on the ground?

The picture on the left is what an area looked like before restoration, with invasive bush honeysuckle obliterating the view and eliminating the native plants that support wildlife. The picture on the right is after the landowner partnered with The Stewardship Network and restoration began. The invasive bush honeysuckle has been removed, allowing the native dogwoods, joe-pye-weed and other wildlife-supporting plants to flourish. Notice the red circle highlighting the same tree in both photos.

Join us now and see how connection makes all the difference in nature.
Please contact:

Spencer Kellum
Conservation Specialist, The Stewardship Network 

Here is a snapshot of properties we are helping landowners restore!

© 2007 Stewardship Network Photography: Summer Tanager © Brian L. Zwiebel; others by David Mindell, Plantwise, L.L.C.