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Past Conference Resources


Past Conference Resources

2010 Conference



Friday Presentations

Saturday Presentations


Friday Presentations:

Acknowledging the Gifts of Native Ecosystems
Mike Kost, Michigan Natural Features Inventory

Keynote Presentation:
The Role of the Naturalist in Preserving Biological Diversity: Invasive Species
Les Mehrhoff, Invasive Plants Atlas of New England

Integrated Invasive Exotic Control at Fort Custer Using Prescribed Fire and Other Methods
Dan Zay, DLZ Michigan, Inc.

Long-Term Leafy Spurge (Euforbia esula) Management in an Oak Savanna Ecosystem
Jerry Doll, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) and Biocontrol
Doug Landis and Jeffrey Evans Michigan State University

Restoration as Climate Change Adaptation: Identifying Key Threats and Opportunities in the Great Lakes Region
Kimberly Hall, The Nature Conservancy- Michigan

Feral Swine: An Endangered Species Perspective
Christopher Hoving, Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Intraspecific Variation in Prairie Grasses for Biofuels and Restoration: Potential Consequences of Bringing Native Plants into Cultivation
Abbie Schrotenboer, Michigan State University

Control of Cool Season Invasive Grasses in Riparian Zones and Resulting Impact on Fish Habitat and Stream Characteristics
Ryan deRegnier, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Creating a Control Plan for Invasive Plants with Special Focus on Amur Honeysuckle (Lonicera maakii)
Mary Klunk, Five Rivers Metroparks and Tom Borgman, Hamilton County (Ohio) Parks District

Control of Red-Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea) with herbicides and Burning in a Lakeplain Prairie, Huron County, Michigan
Ryan O'Connor, Wisconsin Natural Features Heritage Inventory


Saturday Presentations:

Keynote Presentation:
A Field Trip Across the Social Landscape: The Human Side of Land Stewardship
Janet Clark, Center for Invasive Plant Management

(This presenation is available as a webcast, including slides and audio, for $10)

Pollinator Pyramid: native Ecosystems Depend on Native Pollinators (Video)
Barbara Barrett-Lucas, Washtenaw County

Practical Phragmites Control
Bob Williams, Stewart Farm

Trials and Tribulations in Land Stewardship from a Landowner Prerspective
Mary Jo Adams, Central Illinois University and Private Landowner

Developing Action Recommendations: Responding to the Threat of Invasive Earthworms in Working Forests
Rebecca Knowles, Leech Lake Band of the Ojibwe

GPS and GIS as Tools in Natural Areas Management: A Beginner's Guide
Jason Tallant, City of Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation

Long-Term Monitoring Results of Selected Wetland Restoration Sites
Donalt Tilton, Environmental Consulting and Technology

The Ethnobotany of Invasions and Invaders: Cultural Consequences of Non-Native Invasive Species
Natalie Walsh, Frostburg State University

© 2007 Stewardship Network Photography: Summer Tanager © Brian L. Zwiebel; others by David Mindell, Plantwise, L.L.C.