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2008 Garlic Mustard Challenge


 2008 Garlic Mustard Challenge

And the Winner of the 2008 Garlic Mustard Challenge...



The invasive garlic mustard plant threatens the abundant wildflowers and diverse forest ecosystem of Michigan.  Garlic mustard stands out with its ability to overwhelm natural habitats.  In only a few years, garlic mustard can take over an area, effecting not only wildflowers but tree growth and the animals that depend on the natural growth. 

The Stewardship Network Clusters are working to remove 100,000 pounds of garlic mustard this spring.  With your help, we can reach and exceed this goal!

At the end of the spring, we will hand out the Stewardship Network's Golden Hotdog Award, to the cluster with the most mustard (pulled).

Anyone can do it.  Join a Cluster pull at your favorite park or natural area.  Or pull from your own yard.  Every bag matters.  Click here for a full list of all garlic mustard pulls.  You can also visit our seachable calendar to find garlic mustard pulls near you.

Not sure of what you need to participate in the challenge?  We put together a list for you.

Don't know your Cluster?  Click here for a map and to find out what other events are going on in your area.

And if you know of a garlic mustard pull that is not listed on our pull events list, tell us.



© 2007 Stewardship Network Photography: Summer Tanager © Brian L. Zwiebel; others by David Mindell, Plantwise, L.L.C.