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Invasive Plant Control Certificate Workshop Series

photo provided by
City of Ann Arbor NAP


Interested in learning the skills needed to identify and control invasive plant species? Want to enhance your ability to create a land management plan for controlling invasive plants in native ecosystems?

 The Stewardship Network Invasive Plant Control Certificate Workshop Series is a series of three workshops each designed to provide comprehenisive background information paired with a hands-on field component. Complete the three workshops and necessary volunteer hours contolling invasive plant species in order to recieve the Stewardship Network Invasive Plant Control Certificate.

Look for the next opportunities to attend, the workshops will be offered in 2008. See below for a description of content and format of each workshop.


Workshop 1   Invasive Plant Identification 

Participants will learn when, where, and why invasive plant species are a problem and the kinds of impacts they have on native ecosystems.

We will visit examples of native ecosystems, learning how to identify the most pernicious species that are threatening these ecosystems.
  • In addition, participants will learn about the life cycles of these plants and how to distinguish these species of concern from native plants that look similar.

Workshop 2 Site Assessment  & Restoration Prioritization


How do landform, climate, and soils influence where natural communities form? How do you assess the quality of a natural area? How can you compare quality of natural areas across sites? How do you know where to start your restoration? Join us for this field workshop to learn natural areas site assessment and restoration prioritization techniques.


Participants will learn

  • what factors determine where different natural communities occur inMichigan and how they were distributed historically across the state
  • how a multi-scale (state, regional, local) analysis of natural community distribution can help target ecosystem restoration efforts

Participants will be guided through a process of assessing sites and prioritizing restoration efforts.


Workshop 3   Hands-on Invasive Plant Control Techniques  


How do you control garlic mustard, buckthorn, European bittersweet, purple loosestrife? Have you ever wondered which invasive plant you should be tackling first, which you can leave for later? Did you know that proper timing is key to successfully controlling specific invasives? Join us for this hands-on in the classroom and in the field day long workshop to the best tools, techniques, and timing from experienced practitioners.


Participants will learn

  • the range of best control options for the worst ofMichigan’s invaders
  • how to choose a preferred control method based upon your organization’s restrictions and preferences
  • specific site conditions
  • invaders that are present or near-by.

Implementation of specific techniques will be demonstrated or discussed and participants will have an opportunity to try their hand at using various tools and techniques

© 2007 Stewardship Network Photography: Summer Tanager © Brian L. Zwiebel; others by David Mindell, Plantwise, L.L.C.