Thermal Imaging: See and Save the Environment in a Whole New Way

Thermal imaging is a technology that lets you see the world in an entirely new way - in terms of hot and cold instead of light and dark, which lets you see things you can't see with the naked eye. The technology has been around for a long time but it is only now becoming more affordable and available to those with limited budgets. Presenter and Stewardship Network member Callan Loo works with the world's leader in thermal imaging technology and will show you how everyday people are using it in conservation efforts, show you first hand how it works, and get you thinking about how you might use it in the near future.

Callan Loo, Intentional Legacies and FLIR Systems

Callan (Cal) is a Michigan resident and he walks a dual career path. On one hand he directs a global developer program for FLIR Systems, helping developers and everyday consumers imagine and actualize the use of thermal imaging in everyday consumer life. On the other hand he's something of a serial Social Entrepreneur - being the co-founder and Executive Director/President of local organizations Intentional Legacies, The Intentional Living Collective, The Rising Phoenix Awards, and Conscious Rites. Cal is a huge outdoor enthusiast and enjoys camping, hiking, fly fishing, competitive volleyball, boating and spending quality time with his family and close friends.