Engaging Visitors and Volunteers with Customized Mobile Guides

Engaging Visitors and Volunteers with Customized Mobile Guides Using Animal Diversity Web Data (ADV)
George Hammond, The Animal Diversity Web
Additional Contributors: Phil Myers, Roger Espinosa, Conor O'Malley, Tricia Jones, The Animal Diversity Web

The Animal Diversity Web (ADW, animaldiversity.org) is using its rich and trusted animal natural history database to create mobile applications customized to the faunas and unique natural features of particular parks, visitor centers or natural areas. These "ADW Pocket Guides" include ADW data on species known to occur at a site and can be customized with interpretive trails and educational experiences to engage visitors and volunteers in the preservation and protection of the natural area. We're looking for opportunities to work with parks and natural areas to build customized pocket guides and explore the potential of this unique engagement tool.

George Hammond, The Animal Diversity Web
George has worked with the ADW (animaldiversity.org) for 15 years and is part of the team that is transforrming the ADW into a self-sustaining organization after a long history of Federal funding for database development and educational outreach. His scientific training background is in animal ecology, especially host-parasite systems, mites, and insects. The ADW is a global database of quality information on animal natural history and has developed a powerful mobile application framework to develop customized data applications to support the engagement of visitors at natural areas, parks, museums, and zoos.