Project Coordinator

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River to River Cooperative Weed Management Area
$3,700 - $5,400 per month
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The River to River Cooperative Weed Management Area Project Coordinator (PC) is a full time contract position. Contract work is secured through September 2019. The PC serves as the coordinator of the River to River Cooperative Weed Management Area, a joint project of 13 Steering Committee members (see table below). The PC’s office location is negotiable, but work will be conducted throughout the entire CWMA area. This position takes lead responsibility for the CWMA, providing oversight and support for the implementation of CWMA projects and further development to achieve the mission of the CWMA. The CWMA’s mission is to establish a framework for cooperatively addressing the effects of non-native invasive plants across jurisdictional boundaries within the 11 southern counties (Alexander, Gallatin, Hardin, Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, Williamson, and Union) in Illinois. To learn more about the CWMA, visit

River to River Cooperative Weed Management Area Steering Committee Members include:
Illinois Department of Natural Resources, USDA Forest Service - Shawnee National Forest, USFWS-Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge, USFWS-Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, USFWS-Middle Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Department of Agriculture, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, University of Illinois Extension, The Nature Conservancy, and Shawnee Resource Conservation and Development Area, INC.

The coordinator will work as part of the CWMA Steering Committee to provide oversight and support for the planning and implementation of projects to achieve the mission of the CWMA. The coordinator has primary responsibility for completed project deliverables on existing grant-funded projects. The coordinator also works with public agencies, conservation groups, and private landowners to advance the CWMA and ensure abatement of invasive plant species threats to the Cooperative Weed Management Area. The CWMA Project Coordinator does not currently supervise other employees but does help direct the contractual work of others.


• Bachelor’s degree in natural resource management or related area and 1 to 2 years related
experience or equivalent combination. Additional education may be substituted for
• Proven effectiveness in working with public agencies and other land managers.
• Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills; ability to persuasively
convey the CWMA mission to diverse groups including elected officials, donors, agencies,
the public and others. Working knowledge of invasive species prevention, early detection,
containment and control techniques
• An in-depth understanding of the ecological impacts of invasive species.
• Demonstrated ability to secure funding.


1. Coordinate CWMA steering committee meetings and other meetings as needed.
2. Provide strategic financial and technical assistance to landowners for invasive plant control
within the CWMA.
3. Implement the invasive species control portion of a forest health project that incorporates
prescribed fire (in collaboration with the Southern Illinois Prescribed Burn Association) to
promote Oak-Hickory forest regeneration. Work with Master Naturalists, volunteers and
the volunteer coordinator to establish the Forest Restoration Support Team (FRST).
Conduct workdays and education and outreach events.
4. Facilitate the implementation of the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan’s Invasive Species
Campaign within the CWMA.
5. Provide invasive plant workshops and training sessions for volunteers, landowners,
businesses, and agencies. Serve as the point person for collection and dissemination of
information on invasive plant species in the CWMA. Disseminate educational material
focused on regional invasive species. Prepare new educational materials.
6. Consult with land management agencies, the Southern Illinois Invasive Species Strike
Team, and private landowners on up-to-date control information, regional invasive plant
priorities, and application methods.
7. Develop annual CWMA reports and management plans for priority species.
8. Identify and seek out available funding opportunities.
9. Compile, collect, and enter invasive plant distribution data into the EDDMapS mapping
10. Work with CWMA members to continue Early Detection and Rapid Response for new
invasive species.
11. Administer and initiate CWMA initiatives coordinated with local, state, and federal
government agencies and other organizations.
12. Effectively represent the CWMA to the general public, elected and other governmental
officials, industry, donors, media and other individuals and organizations.
13. Facilitate Invasive Species Awareness Month activities and events within the CWMA.
14. Continue the development of the CWMA website, Facebook page and news blog.
15. Other duties as assigned by the Steering Committee.


1. Knowledge of current trends in invasive species policy, management and planning at the local, state, and national scale.
2. Successful experience in developing, directing and managing multiple projects and implementing strategic project goals.
3. Management and administration experience, including ability to motivate, lead, meet objectives and manage performance of a large partnership.
4. Demonstrated experience in MS Office software, database/website development and GIS.


1. Cultivate the creative ideas of others to identify potential solutions. Experiment to find creative solutions – think outside the box.
2. Resolve complex issues independently within the project area.
3. Design, implement, and direct multiple projects within the local area, setting deadlines and ensuring project accountability.


1. Make sound decisions based on analysis, experience and judgment.
2. Act independently within broad program goals.
3. Decisions will affect other partners within project area and may have project-wide impact.


1. Serve as project coordinator for CWMA and for some projects; coordinate the work of others.
2. Financial responsibility includes setting and meeting fundraising goals, i.e. grant preparation, evaluating results, and developing corrective strategies as needed. Responsibility and accountability for meeting CWMA strategic goals and objectives.
3. Will need to gain cooperation from individuals or groups over whom there is no direct authority in order to accomplish project goals.


1. Communication and presentations skills; ability to persuasively convey the mission of CWMA to diverse groups including elected officials, donors, steering committee, the public and others. Communicate strategic project goals and objectives.
2. Work in partnership with other organizations in a collaborative or advisory role.
3. Prepare and present project proposals, including negotiating with federal, state and local agencies and other organizations to achieve project goals.


1. Ability to work effectively under pressure and meet deadlines.
2. Ability to work an irregular schedule including weekends and unpredicted schedule changes, travel on short notice.

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Kevin Rohling,