Practical Approaches to Collaborative Forest Management through the Tribal Forest Protection Act

Abstract (150 words max): 
Ms. Lucero and Ms. Tamez will present an overview of their 2017 Journal of Forestry Article “Working Together to Implement the Tribal Forest Protection Act(TFPA) of 2004: Partnerships for Today and Tomorrow.” This presentation focuses on how the implementation of the Act can serve as a model for collaborative partnerships between Tribes and other forest managers. Participants will become acquainted with lessons from the TFPA workshops, and examine approaches that are transferable to other collaborative forest management across boundaries with additional partners. Discussions also include case studies of how these tools and approaches are utilized to create more resilient forests that can adapt to climate change and other issues
Presenter 1 Name: 
Stephanie Lucero
Presenter 1 Organization: 
Center for Collaborative Policy
Presenter 1 Biography: 
Stephanie Lucero is an expert in the development and implementation of trainings for diverse audiences, specifically Native American participants. Ms. Lucero has an extensive career building capacity among tribes, state, and federal agencies. She specializes in transparent processes and engaging educational experiences utilizing cross-cultural processes and legal analysis. She has coordinated four Tribal Forest Protection Act Workshops throughout the United States. As a Senior Mediator with the Center for Collaborative Policy she provides strategic counseling, facilitation and mediation services on state and national policy issues involving natural resources. Ms. Lucero spent over 5 year’s developing curriculum and providing trainings to tribal staff and governments in topics ranging from topic resources management and protection to mediation and negotiation. Ms. Lucero has also served as a primary mediator in discussions and dispute involving cultural resources and Native American remains. Ms. Lucero has a Juris Doctor and LL.M. focusing on Indigenous Law and Policy analysis as it relates to natural resource planning and economic development. She has over 8 years of experience in policy development, legal analysis and litigation and over 15 years of experience in community development, facilitating and mediating among diverse groups.
Presenter 2 Name: 
Sonia Tamez
Presenter 2 Organization: 
US Forest Service (ret.)
Presenter 2 Biography: 
Ms. Tamez has over 40 years of experience working with Tribes, indigenous groups, governments and communities. She was instrumental in developing the tribal relations program in California and nationally for the Forest Service (FS). Ms. Tamez worked with Forests and Tribes to launch the Tribal Forest Protection Act (TFPA) in the West to protect tribal trust lands and resources by organizing the first major interagency and intertribal TFPA workshop. She later assisted Tribes and Forests successfully negotiate TFPA agreements and contracts. Ms Tamez served on the personal staff of Senator Bingaman (NM) while on a Legis Fellowship. She helped negotiate and develop a number of bills that addressed the state’s cultural and environmental priorities. Ms Tamez also has international experience, including serving on the US delegation at the Fourth United Nations Forum on Forest. After her government service, Ms Tamez worked with and for several national nonprofit organizations. She is currently advising communities and governments on the TFPA.