Pay-for-Performance Agricultural Conservation

This program aims to reduce the occurrence of harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie with a pay for performance approach to conservation. Pay for performance equips farmers with information and resources to identify and implement the most cost effective methods for reducing nutrient losses from agricultural production. Click here to learn more about pay-for-performance concept!

Free soil testing is available to farmers in the South Branch of the River Raisin Watershed (Click for a map of the South Branch.) who may have fields or pastures that they have not previously ran soil tests on within the last three years. If you are a Farmer in the South Branch who would like more information about program eligibility, how to obtain up to ten free soil test kits (One kit per 10 acres up to 100 acres total), or have general questions please contact the Lenawee Conservation District at (517) 263-7400.

You can learn more about the River Raisin Watershed and explore data on soils, potential erosion sites, and where water is likely to flow across the landscape by using eWatershed. eWatershed is an internet-based mapping service that provides detailed information about various watersheds throughout Michigan. This data is overlayed on satellite imagery, facilitating a better understanding of the environmental situation in your area.

Farming in the South Branch of the River Raisin? (Not sure where the South Branch is? Click for a map.) Interested in learning how to increase farm income while protecting water quality? Contact a MAEAP Technician at the Lenawee Conservation District (517-263-7400).

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