The Two Hearted River Watershed: Top to Bottom Restoration

The Two Hearted River Watershed: Top to Bottom Restoration of an Entire Watershed and Its Forest (INT)
Tina Hall, The Nature Conservancy of Michigan
Additional Contributors: Emily Clegg, The Nature Conservancy of Michigan; Jon Fosgitt, Compass Land Consultants

In 2003 The Nature Conservancy acquired nearly 24,000 acres in the Two Hearted River watershed in Luce County, Michigan. The conservancy inventoried all road stream crossings and began systematically replacing and repairing riparian areas. Grants were obtained totaling over $500,000. As of 2014 all major connections in the river have been repaired. At the same time an inventory was done of the timber on the property and a set of indicators developed to access key ecological attributes, especially those affected by climate change. Timber harvest is being used to better adapt the forest for climate change. Outreach and education in the watershed has also begun. The combined effect of these efforts has created a more natural and adapted whole system.

Tina Hall, The Nature Conservancy of Michigan
Tina directs all protection, fire, outreach and stewardship management in the Michigan Chapter of The Nature Conservancy as well as running the Upper Peninsula Regional Program. Tina's background is in forest management and she has researched and written on working forest easements for several years. She is the lead for the Central US Regional Conservation Coaches Network and has facilitated multiple partner/stakeholder workshops and conservation audits. Christine received a double BA (magna cum laude, 1983) in biology and environmental studies from American University, and an MS and PhD in natural resources management from the University of Maryland (1986, 1989). She has been with The Nature Conservancy since 1989.