How the Stewardship Network Creates Resilient Communities

How The Stewardship Network Creates Resilient Communities: 21st Century Conservation (INT)
Lisa Brush, Spencer Kellum, The Stewardship Network

Are you new to The Stewardship Network and find yourself wondering what exactly the network "does"? Or maybe you are a veteran network member, but you struggle to fully explain the network to others. The Stewardship Network means many different things to many different people. That is why the network works and also why it's tough to "nail down." Many overlapping, interrelated, and interconnected pieces converge in the network space - words like nature, community, philosophy, art, restoration, science, collaboration, conservation and resilience all describe aspects of The Stewardship Network. Together, we are changing the world, but the process is not direct or simple. One part presentation, one part discussion and one part opportunity, join us for a clarifying session on The Stewardship Network, how we function, the importance of your role and the over-arching themes that guide our collective work on behalf of land and water.

Lisa Brush, The Stewardship Network
Lisa Brush has been leading collaborative conservation initiatives in the nonprofit environmental sector for over two decades. As co-founder and executive director of The Stewardship Network (TSN), she has engaged thousands of professionals and volunteers in identifying community and conservation needs of the 21st century and determining strategic support TSN can provide. She has managed grant projects from federal and state agencies, as well as family and private foundations. Lisa has been involved in all aspects of organizational management and has facilitated strategic planning sessions, citizen task forces and community visioning sessions with groups ranging in size from four to four hundred. Lisa serves on numerous boards of directors, has a BA in Science in Society from Wesleyan University, an MS from University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment, and is a graduate of Michigan State University's Great Lakes Leadership Academy.

Spencer Kellum, The Stewardship Network
Spencer is a native of the Irish Hills, a scenic area known for rolling hills and lakes in southeast Michigan. His childhood was spent exploring the woods, fields and streams on his family's farm. Spencer has a wide variety of experience with conservation planning and on-the-ground implementation of conservation projects. In his current position as conservation specialist with The Stewardship Network, Spencer leads restoration activities including rare species monitoring, local conservation planning, invasive species control, volunteer coordination and prescribed fire planning with partners in the Great Lakes. Spencer received a BS in environmental science from Saint Louis University in 2009, an MS in geographic information systems from Eastern Michigan University in 2013 and is a 2014 graduate of Michigan State University's Great Lakes Leadership Academy. He is able to leverage these skills on behalf of conservation efforts in the Great Lakes, where he has been involved in local efforts since 2005.