May 2012: A CWMA for Swallow-wort in Northwest Oakland County

In 2009 three townships, three conservancies, and a county park system came together under the umbrella of a local Stewardship Network Cluster to begin mapping and managing invasive swallow-wort on protected and private lands of ecological significance within the Shiawassee Basin in Oakland County, MI. Several field seasons, land-owner outreach sessions, and grant applications later, we share our lessons learned. Presented by Heather Huffstutler, Stewardship Director, Six Rivers Regional Land Conservancy, and Brittany Bird, Natural Resources Planner, Oakland County Parks and Recreation.

Join Brittany Bird, of Oakland County Parks and Recreation; Heather Huffstutler, of Six Rivers Regional Land Conservancy; and Lisa Brush, of The Stewardship Network, to learn more about this important topic in the next Stewardship Network webcast!

Brittany Bird - Brittany has been the Natural Resource Planner for Oakland County Parks and Recreation since August, 2006. She is responsible for the natural resources management of more than 6,800 acres of parkland in Oakland County. Responsibilities involve the development and implementation of management plans for locally and regionally significant natural communities within the park system, serving as a liaison to local and regional conservation partners, overseeing seasonal field technicians, managing program budgets, providing contractor oversight and providing grant application assistance. Brittany has a M.S from the University of Florida, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, and a B.S. from the University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and the Environment in Resource Ecology & Management.

Heather Huffstutler - Heather has a B.S. in Biology from Eastern Michigan University and holds a secondary education teaching certificate. Her career in conservation began as a volunteer in Northern Michigan for The Nature Conservancy and she's been hooked ever since. She has worked all over the country, landing back home in Michigan 4 years ago. As Stewardship Director at Six Rivers Regional Land Conservancy, Heather oversees all aspects of the Conservancy's Stewardship Program, including planning for ecosystem restoration, writing management plans, managing grant projects, and leading the Conservancy's strategic conservation planning efforts. She facilitates the Stewardship Network Headwaters Cluster and it's current work to engage landowners in battling swallowwort in northwestern Oakland County.

Todd Mervosh - Todd Mervosh is a weed scientist and diagnostician with The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) at the Valley Laboratory in Windsor, CT. A native of Illinois, he earned a B.S. degree at the University of Illinois, a M.S. in agronomy at the University of Wisconsin, and a Ph.D. in agronomy / weed science at the University of Illinois. Dr. Mervosh joined the staff of CAES in 1994. He conducts weed control research in a variety of crops, especially field and container-grown nursery stock (ornamentals) and Christmas trees. He also conducts experiments on management of non-native invasive plants including Oriental bittersweet, Japanese knotweed, pale swallow-wort, Japanese stiltgrass and mile-a-minute weed. He provides information to growers and property managers about weeds and the proper use of herbicides in vegetation management programs.

Lisa Brush - Executive Director, Stewardship Network. Lisa has worked in the environmental field in Michigan for the last fifteen years. She is currently the Executive Director of the Stewardship Network and has been involved with the Network since its inception more than 10 years ago. She has a wealth of experience helping non-scientific people understand scientific issues. For over nine years, as she has built and coordinated the Stewardship Network, she has emphasized effective and meaningful stakeholder involvement in developing and implementing all aspects of this program. She has a M.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan and a B.A. (Science in Society) from Wesleyan University.

Webcast Date: 
Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - 12:00pm
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