Mid-Michigan Stewardship Initiative In Action

Field Activities

Garlic Mustard pulling season is underway and continues through the end of June. Participate in one of our community pulls listed below, or contact midmich@stewardshipnetwork.org or KuhnL@msu.edu on how to identify and control garlic mustard in your own area. Per Michigan law, please bag and dispose of garlic mustard in your trash, not yard waste, to prevent its spread. Also, it's important to report any garlic mustard you pull at: garlicmustardchallenge.wordpress.com

Last year we pulled 27,000 pounds of garlic mustard in the Mid-Michigan area, and let's do even more to protect and restore our natural areas this year!

From August-September, 2013, we treated Phragmites (common reed) and Japanese knotweed, two wetland invasive species, at 88 sites in Ingham and Clinton County! Happily, 1/3 of our Phragmites sites and 1/2 of the knotweed sites now have <5% of the initial infestations. We are seeing cinnamon, sensitive, ostrich, and royal fern, Bidens, Joe-Pye weed, swamp milkweed, arrowhead, water plantain, decodon, and boneset blooming, and leopard, wood, and spring peeper frogs returning to these areas!

Invasive Species Mapping

We've been mapping different infestations using Google Maps. Click here to view them.

Workday Photos

Click here to check out photos from recent Mid-Michigan Cluster workdays.

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