Phragmites Treatment Herbicide Quick Guide

The Non-native Phragmites Herbicide Quick Guide is now available! It was developed with support from many regional experts to provide an easy reference sheet for mixing the correct quantities of herbicide for non-native Phragmites management.

All the calculations have been done for you, and you don't have to remember if the "normal 3.8 ounces" that you use is for your 3-gallon or your 5-gallon tank.

Print this one-pager for quick reference:

* at your desk, when writing work-plans, permit applications, grant proposals, or herbicide purchase requests
* in your work truck or herbicide shed, to use when mixing herbicides and maintaining records
* for you staff, colleagues, volunteers, or neighbors to use when working on their own projects or properties

Thanks to the Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative for this great resource!