Mid-Michigan Stewardship Initiative In Action

Mid-Michigan, 3/22/14

Volunteer Opportunities

Controlling Invasive Shrubs and Wetland Reeds:

  • Rose Lake State Wildlife Area, Bath: A small group of volunteers led by Kathrine Neils and Jim Hewitt has been working since 2014 to remove glossy and common buckthorn from a fen in the Rose Lake State Wildlife Area in Clinton County. The fen features a large population of Blazing Star (Liatris Spicata) that is in peak bloom in July. Other fen species such as Shrubby Cinquefoil, Shrubby St. Johns-wort, Mountain Mint, and Meadowsweet are also found there in good numbers. In 2017 over 60 volunteer hours were given. If interested in volunteering, write to Jim at tz4ggm@aol.com.
  • Lake Lansing Parks, Haslett and the surrounding watershed: We have several projects, ranging from native plant garden maintenance and replanting (spring through fall), to garlic mustard control (May/June), controlling Phragmites and Japanese knotweed (tall invasive reeds) in wetlands and wetland edges (August/September), and woody invasive species control involving cutting & daubing or spraying (fall and winter). These projects give us a chance to work in beautiful woods and wetlands, teach others about nature, and return the habitat to a more natural state. Contact Leslie if you'd like to participate! (KuhnL@msu.edu)
  • Jim Fen liatris Viceroy

    Garlic Mustard and Dame's Rocket Control: Mid-Michigan Stewardship has led local participation in the Garlic Mustard Challenge since its inception. Many dozens of volunteers have removed tons of the invasive biennial from parks, roadsides, nature sanctuaries, woodlots, and home yards. This work has paid off; many sites this year had very little garlic mustard. Member Betty Seagull had this to say: "I thought you'd be happy to know I had almost no gm this year. About 1 Meijer bag full so far. The difference from 2010, when I began, to now, is staggering. I used to have to spend all of April and much of May pulling them."

    Vernal Pool Monitoring: Michigan Natural Features Inventory led classroom and field training for 50 Mid-Michigan Stewardship Initiative and Meridian Township participants on vernal pool ecology, species identification, and monitoring. Our citizen scientists monitor their pools 3 times throughout the season, and more than 75 potential vernal pools have been mapped. A number have been confirmed to be vernal pools based on indicator species, with much data contributed to the Michigan Vernal Pool Database. An astounding range of insects, frogs, salamanders, crustaceans, turtles and plants have been observed, including four-toed salamanders (not seen in Ingham County for decades!) This project is supported by Meridian Township Land Preservation Board and Parks and Recreation, Friends of Ingham County Parks, and Wild Ones Red Cedar Chapter. Contact Leslie (KuhnL@msu.edu) or Kelsey (dillon@meridian.mi.us) if you'd like to learn more.

    Invasive Species Mapping

    We've been mapping different infestations using Google Maps. Click here to view them!

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    Mid-Mich: Laurie and Kathrine at the Fen