Mid-Michigan Stewardship Initiative Resources

Mid-Michigan Stewardship Initiative Resources

Webinar: Strategies to recruit, broaden the audience, and retain volunteers

August 23, 2016 webinar from The Keystone Policy Center and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Garlic Mustard Workday Planning Kit (NAP)

Garlic Mustard Workday Planning Kit

Invasive Species Network Planting Guide for Municipalities

Native plant recommendations for new plantings (including salt and runoff tolerance information), along with invasive species listed by threat level (including prohibited species) as a guide to park and municipal managers.

Right of Way Best Management Practices for Invasive Species Control

A summary of websites and documents on state, non-profit organization, and federal best management practices for controlling invasive species along rights of way. Also included are the Xerces Society recommendations on managing roadsides to enhance bee and butterfly habitat.

Monsters In Your Yard bifold handout

A pamphlet to let landowners know how to identify and handle Japanese knotweed/Phragmites/garlic mustard to prevent their spread.

Japanese Knotweed Control: It Takes a Community

Presentation by Dr. Leslie Kuhn of the Mid-Michigan Stewardship Initiative

How Your Garden Interacts with Nature

Most of us garden because we like to grow our own healthy food and love to have nature around us. Yet our gardens can affect the natural areas surrounding our homes in some unexpected ways. Take this quiz below, and come up with your own answers. Then check out our answers at the end!

Cluster Workshop Menu

Are you looking for a topic for a Cluster Workshop? Download this Workshop Menu for an ongoing and ever-growing menu of the various workshops Clusters have hosted across the Great Lakes! It is a great resource to help you jump-start workshop planning in your Cluster area. Contact us at staff@stewardshipnetwork.org for more details.

Steward's Pledge

Commit to Conserve! Join the growing collection of individuals, families, and groups that have committed to thinking about our world differently, learning about the natural world, and connecting with others who share this interest. If you are an individual representing yourself or your family, please consider signing the Steward's Pledge today! If you represent an organization, please consider signing The Stewardship Network Memorandum of Understanding today!

Introduction to Phragmites Control

This presentation is a great introduction to the control and management of phragmites, which is an invasive species can invade and overtake wetlands and other habitats.