July 2012: Aerial Imagery

This webinar will review and recap the latest applications and lessons learned by Applied Ecological Services, Inc. (AES) in aerial imagery, remote sensing and aerial photo interpretation. AES is using a Leica RCD 30, high-resolution, multi-spectral camera, as a cost effective means of monitoring and evaluating lands for comprehensive restoration planning. By combining the imaging technology with AES' acute understanding of seasonal phenology and vegetation response to changing conditions image applications have focused on the seasonal calendar of opportunity. You will see a number of example applications and how they are tied to the seasonal calendar. You will also gain an understanding of how image resolution and utilization of the infrared data contribute to mapping things like: aquatic and terrestrial vegetation types, storm damage, ownership boundary encroachment, hydrologic change, farmed wetlands, point/non-point source impacts, invasive species distribution, impervious cover, tree canopy, agricultural crop production and much, much more.

Join Steve Apfelbaum, Applied Ecological Services, Inc.; Jason Carlson, Applied Ecological Services, Inc.; and Lisa Brush, of The Stewardship Network, to learn more about this important topic in the next Stewardship Network webcast!

Steve Apfelbaum - Steven has conducted ecological research, designed award-winning projects, successfully navigated regulatory programs, and contributed his unique creative scientific expertise and enthusiasm to over 1,500 projects throughout North America and beyond. He is one of the leading ecological consultants in the U.S., providing technical restoration advice and win-win solutions where ecological and land development conflicts arise. Apfelbaum has authored hundreds of technical studies, peer-reviewed technical papers, books, reports, ecological restoration plans, regulatory monitoring and compliance reports. He promotes using ecological and conservation design principles in developments, industrial projects and parks that help clients save money while increasing ecological functionality, improving public perception and generating award-winning outcomes. Apfelbaum is also a highly sought after speaker at educational events focusing on ecological restoration, ecosystem assessment, alternative stormwater management and conservation development.

Jason Carlson - Carlson has 12 years of professional experience in GIS/Remote Sensing applications pertaining to watershed and resource management, landscape and vegetation modeling, database creation, design and management, cartographic and map design. As a technical project manager and lead of the Geospatial Department at AES, Carlson is active in all phases of project design and implementation - integrating creative solutions using GIS, Remote Sensing, spatial analysis, statistics, modeling, database design, and integration of field mapping techniques. Within Jason's field endeavors, he has had an active role in remote research - mapping bird territories and landscape vegetation patterns in the Quetico-Boundary Waters Region - tree surveying, site inventory and development design in Costa Rica and evaluation and assessment/prioritization of natural resource in Wood-Tikchik State Park, Alaska. Most recently Carlson's focus has been on integrating high resolution, multi-spectral aerial imagery for natural resource evaluation and restoration purposes.

Lisa Brush - Executive Director, Stewardship Network. Lisa has worked in the environmental field in Michigan for the last fifteen years. She is currently the Executive Director of the Stewardship Network and has been involved with the Network since its inception more than 10 years ago. She has a wealth of experience helping non-scientific people understand scientific issues. For over nine years, as she has built and coordinated the Stewardship Network, she has emphasized effective and meaningful stakeholder involvement in developing and implementing all aspects of this program. She has a M.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan and a B.A. (Science in Society) from Wesleyan University.

Webcast Date: 
Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 12:00pm
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