Indigenous Environmental Studies & Scientists

Bringing together principles of both Indigenous knowledge and western science provides us with the necessary skills and critical thinking abilities that we can begin to use in addressing the complex environmental problems facing both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities around the world today. This foundation inherently recognizes both the strengths and limitations of any single perspective when attempting to understand and address environmental and social issues. We will explore an appreciation and understanding of the benefits of this multidisciplinary approach and the vital contributions of Indigenous Knowledge(s) to the Continuance of all Life. As Creation continues to unfold it is in our hands, always use a 'Good Mind' and have the welfare of the Coming Generations in the forefront of your mind.
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Saturday, January 16, 2016 - 10:00am to 10:50am
Dan Longboat
Trent University
Dan Longboat is Mohawk from the Six Nations of the Grand River. He is Director of the Indigenous Environmental Studies Program at Trent. Dan is known for his Traditional Haudenosaunee knowledge and has taught Mohawk culture at Trent in addition to his work in Indigenous Environmental Studies. He was the first Director of Studies of the Ph.D. program. Dan completed his Ph.D. in Environmental Studies at York University.