April 2018 Webcast - Garlic Mustard - 3 Tactics to Take it Out

This month's topic is: "Garlic Mustard - 3 Tactics to Take it Out," with our guest Chuck Pearson, a key volunteer actively engaged in ecological restoration at The Nature Conservancy's Ives Road Fen in Tecumseh, MI.

"I have been working at the Ives Road Fen Preserve since 1999, leading a group of volunteers in removing invasives from and keeping them from returning to more than 450 acres of fen, forest, and upland. Invasives that we deal with include garlic mustard, dame’s rocket, glossy buckthorn, honeysuckle, phragmites, and cattail. We also plant native seeds to accelerate the return of native flora in former agricultural fields. The result is a wildflower wonderland that supports a wide diversity of native animals, and provides nourishment for the soul for visitors to the preserve."

Chuck will share unique insights in these key areas of garlic mustard control:

1) Herbicide Use: All the why's and how's of herbicide use.

2) Brushcutter Use: You've probably never heard of using a brushcutter for garlic mustard. Here’s how!

3) Ecological disposal: No plastic bag purchases or shipments to the landfill from our operation.

4) Follow-up Frequency: You are wasting your time if you only visit an area once.

Webcast Date: 
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 12:00pm
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